A trooper’s view on safe Thanksgiving travel

Kansas Highway Patrol (KSN photo / Lindsay Cobb)

WICHITA, Kansas – Kansas State Troopers patrol our highways every day and they see a lot of problems on the roads.

“People could, one, allow themselves more time to get where they’re going,” said Trooper Quinten Shoopman.  “Also, just paying attention.  Eliminating the distractions in the vehicle such as cell phones.”

The sheer number of cars on the road during the holidays increases the chances of an accident.

For those driving in an unfamiliar area Trooper Shoopman suggests looking over directions ahead of time.

“They could just take a few extra minutes to plan out their trip.  Know what exits they need to take,” he said.

Even if you’re from the area consider the fact that many of the drivers around you might not be.

Remember more troopers will be on the road too, watching for the usual violations.

However, they don’t want to have to file a report with you any more than you do.

“Getting into an accident isn’t fun,” said Shoopman.

To make sure you get to your thanksgiving feast safely Shoopman’s biggest suggestion isn’t tough.

“Have a plan. Pay attention and have a plan is what I would tell people,” he said.

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