Photo captures Alcoa off-duty officer helping needy man

(Photo courtesy Alcoa, Kentucky Police Department via WATE)

ALCOA, KY (WATE) – The Alcoa, Kentucky Police Department shared a photo to their Facebook page they said shows an officer’s calling to serve the community, even if he or she is not on the job.

The picture shows Officer Jay Cameron helping an elderly man pump gas. Not only did Cameron help pump the gas, he paid for it as well.

Cameron said he watched the frail man approach another man who was getting into a vehicle at the gas station. He said the man in the car slammed his door in the man’s face. That’s when the officer approached him and asked if he was lost.

The said he had just left his doctor’s office in Knoxville and needed a little bit of gas to continue home. He told Cameron that his wife had recently passed and the doctor just told him he has some serious health issues.

Not only did Cameron pay for the man’s gas,  he also gave him money to get something to eat. During this encounter, police said the man never knew this man was an off-duty officer and Cameron didn’t care if he was being lied to. They said this was just one person helping another person, proving that police officers are human after all.

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