GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man shot while helping woman

Video photo of a man who shot a Louisiana medical student who was trying to help a woman the shooter was dragging along a sidewalk in New Orleans. (Photo courtesy CNN)

WARNING: This is a very graphic video that includes a woman being dragged and a man being shot.  VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION

NEW ORLEANS, La. (CNN) – A violent confrontation between a Louisiana medical student and a gunman was caught on camera.

Now, New Orleans Police are hoping that video will lead them to gunman.

Investigators are looking for the man shown in a video carrying a woman.  They say this incident happened Friday, November 20th.

According to police, the suspect was dragging the woman to his parked SUV when Peter Gold tried to help her.

The Tulane University medical student step out of a vehicle.  That’s when police say the man pointed his gun at Gold and demanded money.

He then shot Gold.

He tried to shoot him again but the gun jammed.

The gunman took the woman’s purse and escaped in the SUV.

Gold is now in the hospital in guarded condition.

Tulane University is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the gunman’s arrest.

That’s on top of the reward of up to a $2,500 reward offered by Crime Stoppers.

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