Pets now a part of Wichita’s Operation Holiday

WICHITA, Kansas – Operation Holiday in Wichita is helping to feed people during the holidays. Now, their pets can be part of the program, too.

“There are people, especially seniors that would choose not to eat themselves if it meant they couldn’t feed their dog and that just breaks your heart. So we don’t want that to happen anytime of the year, but especially over the holidays. They’re hard enough for some people,” said Veterinarian Christen Skaer.

Skaer has helped Interfaith Ministries provide pet vaccinations for several years, but this year’s Operation Holiday pet drive will be the first.

“I don’t know why it took us so long, but this year we decided to do a pet food distribution which I’m super excited about,” she said.

With several drop off sites the pet drive will fall right in line with the rest of Operation Holiday’s mission to help low-income families enjoy the holiday season.  Offering pet food on top of the food, gifts, and coats that have been handed out for years.

There has been a good response so far, but with a little less than a month until the end of collections.

“I want to get more food than we can possibly carry, that’s my goal!  I want to see it overflowing and I want to provide pet food to every single family that comes through there,” Skaer said.

Operation Holiday will help about 14,000 people this year.

“At some point we all struggle and I think this world could use a little more human kindness,” Skaer said.

She estimates at least half of those people could use the pet food too.


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