Oklahoma residents living near earthquake’s epicenter react

CHEROKEE, Oklahoma (KFOR) – Thursday morning’s 4.7 magnitude quake left residents of Cherokee, Oklahoma.

It was the largest earthquake in Oklahoma in more than four years.

The quake was felt as far north as Kansas, as far east as Arkansas, and as far south as Texas.

Residents in and around Cherokee say the quake has definitely them shaken up.

“I felt the whole house just start shaking, and stuff started falling over on my tables. I had a lamp fall off. I had some deer racks fall off my wall. And it was pretty bad. It lasted a long time,” said Todd Cunningham.

Tina Nelson said it woke her from a deep sleep.

“The whole bed, the whole house was just it was shaking, like, like we were just having a tornado out the front door,” said Nelson.

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