Alpaca’s killed by wild dogs in Ellis County

YOCEMENTO, Kansas- On Tuesday, two alpacas were found dead in the backyard of Justin Antrim’s father’s home. The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism in Hays investigated and found that wild dogs had mauled the alpaca’s, but not for food.

Justin Antrim says when his father gave him the news he was devastated, “Dad first called me and my heart dropped because they’re one of my two favorite alpaca’s and prince a couple of months ago, I don’t know what happened, but something got in the pen and actually got a bite of his rear leg and the vet had to come out and put over 150 stitches in it.”

The KDWPT says that this is very unusual, most calls are for animals that had died of natural causes and were scavenged on by coyotes. The KDWPT says this is probably an isolated incident but recommends that people in Ellis County keep a close watch on their animals and contact local law enforcement if they see any dogs.

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