Gas war in Hutchinson sends prices plummeting to $1.63 a gallon

In this Thursday, July 16, 2015 photo, a customer re-fuels her car at a Costco in Robinson Township, Pa. The national average price of gasoline this Labor Day weekend will be its lowest at this time of year since 2004, a result of low oil prices and a quiet hurricane season that has allowed refineries to churn out gasoline and diesel. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

HUCTCHINSON, Kansas – There is a gas price war going on right now in Hutchinson, and drivers are the big winners.

The so-called gas price war began last week when Murphy’s USA opened a new gas station and used rock-bottom prices to lure customers. The current price for regular gas Tuesday evening was $1.63 at several gas stations in Hutchinson.

The low price is too good for many to pass up.

“It is surprising. I don’t know what the whole gas war is about, but we’ll take it,” said Joel Millermon, driver.

“I’m excited because I get more gallons per dollar pretty much,” said Martha Nicholson, driver.

It was a surprise for Joe Hawkins of Wichita who was passing through Hutchinson when he saw the price.

“Oh definitely, because generally they are about 5 cents higher than they are in Wichita.”

Experts say gas prices rise and fall for many reasons and the price war in Hutchinson can’t last forever. But until then, people are already thinking about how they might spend the money they’re saving at the pump.

A spokesperson for Kwik Shop says they strive to price products competitively to any retailer in any given market, and Hutchinson is no different.

Here in Wichita, gas prices are averaging about $1.81.

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