E-cigarettes up for debate once again

WICHITA, Kansas – E-cigarettes are back in the spotlight again, this time for a debate. All of this sparked by the questions of whether or not the nicotine aids should be allowed in county buildings. Right now, there’s no uniform policy about their use.

“I would be glad to down that road of banning these if I could see the data that says they’re harmful,” said county commissioner Jim Howell, “I haven’t actually seen data that they even harm the user, let alone the bystander.”

Howell is pushing to allow e-cigarettes in county buildings. He believes they can be a good tool for helping people quit smoking and aren’t harmful. However, officials with Tobacco Free Wichita see things from a different perspective.

“The vapor from e-cigarettes contains harmful and poisonous substances that we believe, Tobacco Free Wichita believes would be harmful to have in county buildings and really anywhere,” said Carolyn Gaughan.

Tuesday morning, the topic will be up for debate with commissioner and staff having the opportunity to hear from both sides. There will be a debate event at the Sedgwick County staff meeting at 9 am. The meeting will take place in the BOCC meeting room on the 3rd flood of the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

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