Wallace County football player’s last game

SHARON SPRINGS, Kansas – There are still a lot of unanswered questions as to why 17-year-old Luke Schemm collapsed Tuesday night at a Wallace County high school football game. Wallace County Schools superintendent said he wasn’t sure if Luke had suffered the injury during the game but what we do know is he collapsed on the sidelines during the game.

Luke played an impressive game Tuesday night, making four touchdowns as well as two back-to-back two-point conversions.

Luke wore his number four jersey as he scored those touchdowns.

It all happened in a playoff game between Wallace County and Otis-Bison. Lucas Schemm had just scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion when he collapsed on the sidelines. Commentators mentioned people aren’t supposed to have prayer in public schools but the community gathered on the field to pray for Schemm. That included players from both teams, kneeling down, taking a moment of silence to pray for his recovery.

We do know that the team waited more than thirty minutes to start playing again after Luke was taken away in an ambulance.

Right now, we don’t know why Schemm collapsed on the field, but we will keep you updated on the circumstances surrounding this tragic loss.

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