Tornado strikes school bus

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WOAI) – “It’s a beautiful day ain’t it,” a student asks bus driver Mr. Ramirez as he boards Friday morning in Floresville, Texas.

The exchange was captured by the video system on the bus. Ten students are getting ready to head to San Antonio for their specialty classes they take daily. Less than 60 seconds later, Mr. Ramirez and the students realize their trip would be canceled.

“There’s a tornado warning for Floresville,” you can hear a student tell Mr. Ramirez.

“I know, I know,” Ramirez responds.

As the EF-2 tornado is bearing down on the school bus, Ramirez leaves the door open long enough to let the 11th student on, with lightning striking just off camera. Ramirez tries to close the doors behind him, but the 120 mile per hour winds refuse, as Ramirez yells, “Hold on guys, hold on, hold on!”


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