Google introducing Smart Reply on Wednesday

If you use a Gmail account, Google already knows what you need and want, and what you can or can’t do. That’s because it’s in your emails.

“They’ve always been analyzing the data you’ve been sending,” says Jonathan Sellers of Illuminate Local in Tampa. “Now they’re just taking that information and using it to benefit you.”

Have you ever noticed if you email a friend about a sore back, you start seeing ads for chiropractors? Welcome to artificial intelligence.

Google is taking things one step further with Smart Reply. The company says it will scan all users emails in order to help save you time on responses, CNN reports.

“It’s not people sitting there reading your emails,” Sellers says. “It’s computer technology looking for the words or the sentiment.”

Sellers helps companies build their brands online so he’s always on his email. He says Smart Reply will save him a ton of time. Smart Reply will be based on very technical algorithms known as Deep Learning. “They’ve compiled what are the most common responses to commonly asked questions and they’re presenting you three choices for possible options for you to reply to your emails,” Sellers says.

Deep Learning is an artificial intelligence that’s reinventing a lot of how we manage basic tasks. You’ll be seeing much more of this in the future.

Just remember, with services like Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, there is no cost. But you are definitely paying – with your personal information.

Smart Reply will be available to all Gmail users with the Inbox by Google app starting Wednesday.

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