Transgender cheerleader takes the field

CENTRAL VALLEY, California (KCRA) – Anry Fuentes started her sophomore year at California’s Denair High School as a boy named Henry, but realized she was meant to be a girl.

After recently making the cheerleading team, Anry was pleasantly surprised when her gender identity wasn’t an issue for her cheerleading coach.

Anry’s mother kicked her our of the house for living openly transgender, but she received support from the school staff who raised money to help pay for her $600 cheer uniform.

“I didn’t think I would get as much support as I’m getting and it feels really nice,” Anry says.

The school district’s superintendent says the decision to accept Anry was easy to make.

“It’s really a simple, simple decision,” says superintendent Aaron Rosander. “All kids are entitled to equal access to public education. When you make the decision to provide that, when these situations come along, its a very easy solution: given equal access.”

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