Royals fans head to New York for Game 3 of the World Series

NEW YORK CITY – The Royals and the Mets take the field tonight for game three of the World Series.

New York fans KSN News spoke with in Kansas City on Wednesday commented on how friendly and polite Royals fans are to the opposing team’s fans. They said it could be a different experience for Kansas City fans coming to New York for the games this weekend.

“I know the New Yorkers, they’re gonna be loud. The last time they were at the World Series was 2000, and they’re ready to get loud. They’re not gonna be quite as nice as the Royals fans to the Royals fans there,” said Brandon Doherty, Mets fan.

However, Royals fans are growing more and more confident that we could see a sweep or at the very least they hope to see the boys win it while they’re in New York.

“I think it’s very possible to win it in four or five games. We’ll just have to see what happens, it’s gonna be a tough series so it’s not gonna be one for the faint of heart, it’s gonna be close ball games,” said Brent Connelly, Royals fan.

“I just predict a win. I don’t care how many games, but just win!” said Michael Wheeler, KC Superman.

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