NYC hosts enthusiastic Royals fans

New York City, NEW YORK–  “Let’s go Royals, we love you!” cheered Julie Hanson on the streets of New York.  She is from Overland Park, but was in New York City Friday for a family event.  She and her friends couldn’t make it to the game, but donned their Royals in honor of game 3.

Even in a city of more than eight million people finding some royals fans wasn’t impossible.

“There’s a ton of royals fans in the city.  They’re everywhere,” said Steve Rose.  Rose is from Kansas City and was flying through New York on the day of the big game.  “They’re wearing their t-shirts, a lot of royals gear and everyone’s been wonderful.”

“We have had a wonderful day- we wanted to wear these clothes to support our home town, we are very, very pleasantly surprised people have been lovely.  It’s a beautiful day in New York City,” Hanson said.

Royals fans aren’t the only out of towners though.  Allen Schlecker traveled from Miami to support the Mets.

“I’m here for the Mets, that’s all I’m here for!” he said.  When asked if he had any advice for Kansas City fans visiting the Big Apple he jokingly said good luck.

Although New York fans might play tough, Hanson and her friends found a way to some of their hearts.

“We were afraid we might get beat up walking around Times Square, but what we’ve realized is the Yankees fans are all going “go royals!” said her husband Hal.

“They’re great!  I mean I wore my royals cap and there’s a lot of screaming going on, but no fisticuffs,” Rose laughed.

That being said the Hansons and friends did turn heads when they broke out in a round of ‘Let’s go Royals!’ just outside of Central Park.


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