Track your trick-or-treaters on Halloween with mobile apps

With Halloween night around the corner, parents want to make sure their kids are safe while out trick-or-treating.

Now, there is a way they can track their tween and teen trick-or-treaters. By using your phone, you can keep tabs on your kids as they venture out this Saturday night.

The Track & Treat mobile app offers a free, easy way to quickly see where your kids are on Halloween night. You download the app to your kids’ phone, open it, and enter your number or email address to get access to track them.

Then, when they go out for the evening, just slide the bar to activate the location tracking. Then, anytime during the night, you can see on a map where they are.

If your kids do not have a phone, you could lend them yours just for the trick-or-treating time. And you can monitor them on another phone or through a website on a computer.

The app is good because it is very easy to use, and it’s made just for Halloween. You don’t have to fight with your kids over the idea of tracking them all the time because it’s just for trick-or-treating.

And you don’t have to mess with some big technical, confusing tracking software or hardware.

If you are an iPhone family, Apple has its own location tracking app called, Find Friends. It’s also free and easy to use.

You just add your family members by their phone number, and then you can see them on a map anytime, anywhere. And if you’re an Android phone family, the app Life360 family locator does the trick.

It works in the same way as Find My Friends.


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