Barton County Health Department does flu shot outreach

Influenza Vaccine - KSN File

ODIN, Kansas – The Barton County Health Department is going to small towns like Odin to give people like Verna Schiller flu shots.

“I think it’s great because a lot of the older people have trouble getting rides or being able to get themselves to a flu shot,” said Schiller.

The outreach is going to eight towns and two businesses, and they bring a mobile unit with everything they need including a mini fridge to haul all of the vaccines.

“I think it’s easier and people may not think about taking the time to take a trip into town and we’re out in the rural community,” said Karen Winkelman with the Barton County Health Department.

The vaccination rate for influenza in Kansas is just 48 percent, but for Barton County, that number drops to just 17 percent.

“Our rates aren’t exactly what we’d want them to be so going out and going into the population I think that’s a good move,” said Winkelman.

With a more effective flu shot this year, the county is working hard to reach those who need it.

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