Nation’s Report Card: Kansas students still trending downward

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WICHITA, Kansas – The grades are in and Kansas school children are slipping in the latest test known as the Nation’s Report Card.

The state’s performance dip follows a national trend of falling scores on the national assessment of educational progress.

The National Center for Education Statistics, or NAEP, complies what is known as the Nation’s Report Card every two years. The last report came out in 2013. It tests fourth and eighth graders across Kansas, and according to the 2015 report card Kansas has a lot of work to do in the classroom to try and reverse the troubling trend.

The National Report Card grading of how Kansas kids are doing in the classroom shows a decline in most areas since 2013.  It’s something educators and parents aren’t taking lightly.

“It’s alarming we want the best for our students obviously we want them to excel,” said Heather Grannis, a parent with a 7th grade son.

Grannis says something needs to be done about the falling test scores and insists it all starts at home.

“I think that is an indication that parents do need to become you know more hands on and encourage it is more responsibility on parents,” she said.

According to NAEP, Kansas scores remain above the national average.  But, the state is slipping closer to  recent years.

The biggest dip..according in the report is among 4th graders in math.

Sachin Bharati is the director at the Tutoring Center in Wichita. Tutors say they aren’t surprised to see scores sliding.

“What we’ve kind of been seeing is a lot of students actually not having textbooks any more, [a] kind of shift in more upward electronic forms of textbooks, or actually just getting worksheets and assignments,” said Bharati.  “We kind of see that their not taking much stuff home, so parents can’t help them or don’t know exactly what they’re working on.”

KSN reached out to Governor Sam Brownback  for his thoughts on the recent report card.  He says the scores are further evidence that education reform is needed in Kansas, dding the state needs to do better.

To view the Nation’s Report Card, click here.

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