Attempted computer hack keeps students from getting transcripts

Computer keyboard (KSN Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Getting into college will be no problem for East High School senior Andrew Figueiredo. The student has a strong record in school, including good grades.

But, Figueiredo says there is a problem, and the clock is ticking.

“I’m in the midst of the college application process. So a lot of the deadlines are November 1st,” says Figueiredo. “And a it’s going to be pretty hard to the transcripts to the schools with the program down.”

USD 259 schools has taken down the StudentVue system that allows students to access their transcripts. There was an attempted hack on part of the school computer system late last week.

StudentVue is still down.

“We apologize for people who use those systems but we wanted an update to let them know we are still investigating,” says USD 259 Spokeswoman Susan Arensman. “We are still investigating.”

To help seniors, the school has decided to go back into the system with the attempted hack.

“We did go into the system to get those transcripts, and then they took it down again. So, it was not available to everybody. It was only available to a couple of people on our staff,” explains Arensman. “And I know it is frustrating. A lot of people want to check their grades, to check their hours that they worked. But we want to take this all down. It looks like it is a limited attack or attempted attack.”

Some students say they are looking forward to the system coming back up again.

“We all check our grades on there,” says East High junior Trevor Mahan. “We get assignments from teachers. I almost use it daily.”

The school has not given a time when it will all be back up again. The school has hired a private computer firm to check out what the possible hack was all about.

“East High is a great school,” says Figueiredo. “I do have faith in our administration that they will figure that out and to find a solution to it.”


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