Another mountain lion reported in western Kansas

Mountain Lion in Kansas

DODGE CITY, Kansas – A few weeks ago we reported that mountain lion sightings have increased in Kansas.

Now, there’s an addition to the list and this time it appeared in Dodge City.

“That’s the first,” said Aaron Baugh, a wildlife biologist for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

He works out of their Dodge City office.

Last week he went to pick up the body of a dead mountain lion; the first, he says, for Dodge.

“What we’re finding is just young lions that are moving through the area,” Baugh said. “Sometimes they’ll come from Colorado. Sometimes they’ll come from South Dakota.”

This particular lion was found by a landowner with its head stuck in a tiller in a shed on the West side of Dodge, near the riverbed.

But Baugh says they’re still investigating the nature of its death because it also appeared to be famished.

Even though mountain lion sightings have increased over the last few years, wildlife specialists say there’s no need for alarm because these are still a rarity in Kansas.

“Haven’t had any reports of them doing any kind of damage to you know, people’s livestock,” he said.

The Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism only asks that if people do see any evidence of a mountain lion to let them know immediately.

“If people do have pictures or sightings you know, we’d like them to report it to us so we can investigate a little further and possibly learn more about it,” he said.

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