Wichita tour company offers ride, game ticket to World Series

WICHITA, Kansas – The Kansas City Royals are gearing up to play game one of the World Series Tuesday.

Many fans, from near and far, are hoping to get a glimpse of the boys in blue during the series.

“I’m definitely going to make all, maybe two games here, maybe four,” said Jared Kleinowski, a Royals fan.

Getting to the games in Kansas City is becoming a little easier for fans here in Wichita.

Village Tours is offering fans a chance to ride up to Kansas City and see game two of the World Series.

“With a 400 level reserved seat with transportation is $850, and if you want a lower level, in the 200 level reserved seat with the transportation it’s $1,175,” said Jeff Arensdorf, President of Village Tours.

Arensdorf says they offered the same package last year for the world series, saying they sold out prior to leaving.

He adds they put out their travel option on Saturday.

“We have about a dozen people already signed up and we feel like it will probably be sold out by noon on Monday,” said Arensdorf.

Arensdorf says the bus ride makes it a little easier for fans who plan to travel to Kansas City for the game.

“It’s the ride and of course the convenience, we’re going to be getting everybody right to the front door, you don’t have to worry about parking,” said Arensdorf.

Arensdorf adds this is just a part of continuing the excitement the royals are bringing the fans.

“Gives people an opportunity to go see a game that, it’s still very rare, I mean this is the second year in a row but it had been 30 years since that,” said Arensdorf.

KSN did go in-depth to let you know some other travel options for the games.

Most fans in this area will probably just drive up to Kansas City, it’s just about 200 miles from Wichita.

Gas prices are sitting at about $2.17 across the state.

For those looking to take it a step further and fly to New York for one of the games, the cheapest round trip plane ticket is running around $587 if you fly out of Wichita.

If you fly out of Kansas City it’s a little more pricey, at about $599 for a round trip ticket.

Neither of those options include a ticket, right now tickets for games in Kansas City are cheaper than New York.

We checked StubHub, where the very cheapest ticket for game one in Kansas City runs about $300.

The cheapest ticket for game 3 in New York runs $500 right now.

For more information on the Village Tours bus ride, you can contact them at (316)-721-4455 or visit their website, http://www.villagetours.net/

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