Blansett trial nears a close

Lindsey Nicole Blansett appeared in Sumner Co. Court Monday, October 26, 2015. She did not testify.
Lindsey Nicole Blansett appeared in Sumner Co. Court Monday, October 26, 2015. She did not testify.

WELLINGTON, Kansas – The prosecution and defense delivered closing arguments Monday in the trial of Lindsey Nicole Blansett, the Wellington mother accused of killing her own son.

10-year-old Caleb Blansett died last December and his mother Lindsey Nicole Blansett is accused of pre-meditated murder.

The state began closing arguments insisting that Blansett knew what she was doing and planned it.

While the defense says this is a sick woman who was in a haze when she took her son’s life.

In his closing argument prosecuting attorney Kerwin Spencer said that Blansett knew what she was doing when she came into her son’s room last year to end his life.

“She took a rock and a knife into the bedroom and struck him with the rock and stabbed him with the knife multiple times until he was dead,” Spencer said.

In a 911 call and later talking with police Blansett said she killed her son because she didn’t want him to suffer and that she wanted him to be in heaven.

The state says this shows that she acted intentionally.

“She wasn’t doing things not knowing what she was doing, she was doing things for the purpose of killing her son in order to protect him from a worse life later on,” Spencer said.

The defense says this wasn’t premeditation, but a mental illness paired with a break from reality.

Attorney Mike Brown sited quotes from her call to 911.

“I felt like people were coming into get us, I was scared,” he said.  “Something’s going on inside her head, and she had this fear that was building up apparently.”

Brown pointed out that Blansett was a good mother who tried to get help before it was too late.

“The plan was, well, Clint was going to pick up the kids on Monday morning and take them to school and she was going to go to mental health.  That was the plan folks,” Brown said.

Whether there was intent or not now lies with the jury.  After closing arguments the jury met briefly to choose a foreman.  They’ll meet back at the Sumner County Courthouse Tuesday morning to deliberate.

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