Students leave positive notes around school

WICHITA, Kansas – This week, students at Coleman Middle School decided to test out the well known idea that a little positivity can go a long way.

The group of 14 AVID Ambassadors stayed after school on Monday and hatched a plan to positively impact their school. They decided to put up sticky notes on every locker and on teacher’s classroom doors to spread messages of encouragement.

When asked what was going through her mind when she began writing the notes, 8th grader Tia Kirksey said her mindset was simple, “what can I write to make someone feel really happy about themselves? What can I write to make someone really think, wow–someone really cares about me and thinks that I would enjoy that.”

Tuesday morning when students arrived, they were surprised by the messages left behind. Teachers expressed gratitude because of their thoughtfulness as well.

“I caught one teacher, she was coming back into the building after we’d already done the sticky notes and she looked at me and said I need this right now, thank you,” said Megan MacKay, one of the AVID Ambassador advisers at the school.

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