Fans celebrate Kansas City win

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – As you can imagine, the fans in Kansas City went nuts following a 7-2 win over the Houston Astros Wednesday night to clinch the ALDS.

“Pretty awesome, incredible. Pretty exciting and glad we made it,” said Pat Herbers, Royals fan.

“I can’t believe this our second year and we won the ALDS both times. When Moralez hit the ball and everybody knew it was out, you just started cheering and you know oh my God that’s game, that’s game!” said Will Hudler, Royals fan.

Several fans stuck around for the hour following the game to see the players and to receive a chance to shake their hand.

Game 1 of the ALCS is Friday in Kansas City against Toronto.  The game starts just after 7 p.m. on Fox.


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