Airline crew booed after booting passenger

PHOENIX, Arizona (KPNX) – Cell phone video captured by a passenger on an American Airlines flight departing Phoenix, Arizona is going viral.

In the video, Tiana Fough can be heard pleading with a flight attendant to stay on the plane.

“He was so mean to me I didn’t even do anything,” Fough is heard saying.

A flight attendant responds, “I’m sorry, I have to have you come off the aircraft,”

“Are you serious?” Fough replies to which the attendant responds, “Yes.”

“I knew she didn’t know what was going on it was basically, he said I needed to be kicked off and that’s what happened,” Fough said in a later interview.

Fough, who was heading home to Oregon, says the ordeal started as she boarded the plane and apparently didn’t hear a flight attendant’s instructions to stop as she headed to her seat.


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