Police document: Murder victim Jackie Harvey was not intended target

WICHITA, Kan. – An important police document in the case of Wichita homicide victim Jackie Harvey was released Friday by Sedgwick County District Court.

The Wichita Police Department’s probable cause affidavit lays out the department’s evidence,which led to the arrest of two people in the death of a Jackie Harvey. The document says Harvey was likely not targeted by the male suspect in the case. Instead, the man accused of killing Harvey told a witness who later spoke to police, that he went to the wrong house by mistake.

Leslie Williams has lived across the street from Harvey for eight years, calling her a close friend who was an intelligent and compassionate person.

“Excellent neighbor, very kind person and a good cook and always helpful to anyone who needed it,” said Williams.

Each day when Williams comes out to her porch, she’s still in disbelief over the incident that took her neighbor and friends life.

“It’s the random, unfortunate event you don’t think is going to happen, especially to someone you love and care about,” said Williams.

During the investigation, Wichita Police detectives were able to piece together several things that led them to 21-year-old Jacob Daniel Strouse and 22-year-old Brittany Renee McDay.

Documents say that both of them used Harvey’s bank debit card to make a number of purchases after her death. Police also point to surveillance video they say they have of the two suspects using the victim’s debit card.

The documents also say that detectives were told by a witness that Strouse told her that he meant to go to another house in the 300 block of S. Chatauqua to collect money from a man. However, he said he went to Harvey’s house by mistake.

It’s details that have Williams shocked.

“It’s amazing the callousness they portrayed and the thoughtlessness, the randomness of the event but also the opportunistic way they handled it, it turned into a violent tragedy, I’m just dumbfounded that people are that heartless,” said Williams

The document indicates that Strouse’s girlfriend told detectives what he had told her after the attack, saying after he kicked in the front door of Harvey’s home and did not find the person he was looking for, he found Harvey in another room in the house.  According to the girlfriend, Strouse  said he and Harvey struggled for his gun and it went off, killing Harvey.

Strouse and McDay are both charged with felony murder in the death of Harvey.  Both are being held in the Sedgwick County jail on $250,000 bond each.

Follow the link below to view the Wichita Police Department’s Probable Cause Affidavit here.

Jacqueline Harvey Probable Cause Affidavit


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