Colorado kitty pot sales help pets in need

BLACK FOREST, Colorado — A Black Forest couple is selling “kitty pot” to help animals in need.

All the money made from sales of the product goes to Harley’s Hope Foundation, which was created by David and Cynthia Bullock in 2010 after they lost their dog Harley to cancer.

Harley had gone through several months of chemotherapy and the Bullock’s realized that many people don’t have the financial means to be able to do everything they can to save their pets. They decided to honor Harley’s memory by creating an organization that helps pets and their people with unexpected hardships.

“Oh I started to cry, I did,” Patty O’Neil said, when she found out her dog Trixie needed surgery to remove a large cyst in her mouth. “It was going to take quite a bit of money to have this fixed and I live on social security, not very much money, and I couldn’t do it.”

Then, her vet told her about Harley’s Hope.

“Harley’s Hope is what’s known as a safety net organization,” said Cynthia Bullock. “We provide programs and services to help people keep their pets in their homes. That can be financial assistance with major vet care, it can be help with the cost of training, but we also do emergency foster care for people who are temporarily incapacitated.”

Harley’s Hope helps pets coast to coast.

“I had worked in animal rescue for many many years and I knew that there was a certain percentage of people who were giving up their animals who didn’t want to and it was for a variety of reasons,” said Bullock. “They couldn’t find affordable housing where they could take their pet, or their animal had a major diagnosis and they couldn’t afford to care for it. So rather than see those people lose their animals and see the animals run the risk of not being re-homed we started the foundation specifically to reduce the number of at risk pets who are either euthanized or surrendered for treatable conditions.”

Like most non-profits, the need outweighs available funding. So the Bullocks started “Colorado Kitty Pot.”

“I have a lot of people who say ‘is that really marajuana for cats?’”

Colorado Kitty Pot may give your cat a little buzz but it’s only cat nip.

“We have all natural kitty pot, which we tend to grow out here in Black Forest, and then we have organic kitty pot,” said Bullock.

Bullock said kitty pot got its name because of current events with the legalization of pot in Colorado, and because it was a nickname a Harley Hope’s board member gave to catnip.

“We have some people who get the joke and think it’s really humorous, and some people who kind of look at us like really?’”

Whether they think the joke is funny or not, people are buying kitty pot like crazy.

“It’s been going phenomenally well,” said Bullock. “We have kitty pot in over 155 individual locations in 29 states and we’re getting ready to take on our 30th state. So it’s exceeded my expectations. We’re not even a year into it.”

While the Bullock’s could be making it big, all the money they make off the Kitty Pot goes back to Harley’s Hope.

“We wanted to raise money so we can take more cases and help more animals,” Bullock said.

Animals like Trixie.

“The minute we contacted them they said ‘oh sure, we’ll help her.’ And they did,” said O’Neil.

O’Neil and Trixie now volunteer with Harley’s Hope and help spread the word about the foundation.

“I was so grateful for what they had done. I just couldn’t thank them enough, and I still can’t. She’s here because of them,” said O’Neil.

Since Harley’s Hope started five years ago, Bullock estimates they have helped about 1700 pets and their owners.

Bullock said Harley’s Hope and Colorado Kitty Pot are always in need of volunteers and donations. More information can be found on their website

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