61st annual 3i show draws big crowds on day one

DODGE CITY, Kansas – It brings together thousands and the latest technology in the ag-industry.

And Thursday, the 3i show kicked off in Dodge City, bringing people from across the state and the country.

One thing everyone here seems to agree on: if you’re in the market for new farming tools and equipment or you just want to see what’s out there, this is the place for you.

“I love to go look at the new technology,” said Shawn Tasset, a Ford County Commissioner visiting the show.

And there’s lots of new technology here.

“A couple of new implements, their new sprayers, we’ve had a lot of fun looking at them,” said Leigh Bird. “Cattle-wise, looking at some of the new, heavier feeders.”

“It definitely helps the farmers, for their businesses,” said Jacob Neufeld.

“I love to look at all the new farm equipment,” said Tasset. “I’m a farmer and a stockman and I like to go look at it. I’m sure they’d like me to spend a little more money on it.”

And there were other kinds of products like lotions and oils, and beef jerky, which even the governor had to stop and try.

“This is always kinda one of those highlight events of the year because you bring together the agriculture industry and the latest in technology and that’s a good mix to have,” said Governor Sam Brownback.

Brownback says this event isn’t just important to Southwest Kansas.

It benefits the entire state and beyond.

“It brings a lot of people,” said Brownback. “You’ve got people from all over the high plains that come to this. It brings a lot of occupancy at night and then it just really grows this industry.”

In Ford County alone, leaders say the show has been a major boost to the economy.

If you haven’t yet, come join us here at the Western State Bank Expo Center!

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