KBI investigates high school secretary accused of improper sexual relations with student

ANTHONY, Kansas – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that a Chaparral High School secretary had an improper sexual relationship with a student. The Harper County Sheriff initially investigated, but Sheriff Tracy Chance said he felt it was necessary for KBI to take over the investigation.

KBI says they were asked to take over the investigation because there’s conflict of interest.

KSN News reached out to school district USD 361 to find out what disciplinary action was taken against the secretary.

Superintendant Josh Swarz won’t go into specifics about any disciplinary actions, but would say that the employee is not at the school right now.

While the investigation goes on, the school sent a letter to parents this morning, telling them about the allegations that have spread quickly in this small community.

“It was unbelievable. It was shocking,” said Anthony resident, Hazel Sutton.

Sutton was shocked to find out that a secretary Chaparral High School is being investigated by the KBI after allegations that she had an improper sexual relationship with a 17-year-old high school student.

Swarz says they take any allegation very seriously.

“It’s a situation we want to make sure that whatever happens, you get it figured out so that you can get on corrective actions,” Swarz said.

The district says they started hearing allegations last week that there was some sort of photo on social media. That prompted concern.

“Where it come from? Was it a real photo? What kind of photo was this?” said Swarz. “That’s what pretty much got the investigation started on our end.”

The district interviewed both the 17-year-old student and the employee, and contacted law enforcement.

Harper County Sheriff’s Office initially investigated the case, but asked the Kansas Bureau of Investigations to step in.

“Potential of conflict, or perception of conflict of interest so they stayed away from it and they asked us to come in and take the lead on the investigation,” said KBI agent, Mark Malick.

The KBI is in the very early stages of their investigation. No arrest have been made, but for those who live in the community, word of the investigation is concerning.

“It does affect the whole community because of the closeness of the community and what we stand for,” Sutton said.

Swarz says the secretary has worked there for about a year. The students is not in any disciplinary trouble with the school.

He says any decision regarding staffing is done with safety as their number one concern.

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