Firefighters reunite with boy they helped deliver in 1997

Firefighters Jay Tulley and Darrrel Scholfield pictured with Dal Parker, center. Tulley and Scholfield helped deliver Parker on October 13, 1997. (Photo by KSN's Raoul Cortez)

WICHITA, Kansas – One teen had a very special day Wednesday as he got to meet the people who helped deliver him into this world.

Back on October 13th, 1997, Beth Parker went into labor.  Before she could get to the hospital, Parker gave birth at her house.  Firefighters arrived to help with the delivery and take her to the hospital.Firefighter reunion 4

Flash forward nearly 18 years to the day, and baby Dale, now almost 18, got to meet the people responsible for helping right after he was born.

Both firefighters say they still remember the events.

One of them is Jay Tulley, now a captain with the Wichita Fire Department.

“I just remember the call you know, we walked in he was handed to me and we cut the cord and the paramedics got there right about the time we finished with that, and so one paramedic and myself, we took him out the ambulance,” said Tulley.

Captain Tulley and Captain Darrel Scholfield say this wasn’t their only delivery during their careers.

Tulley says he has helped with nine, and Scholfield says he’s helped with three.

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