South Haven police chief accused of misusing funds

Jason Boyd (Courtesy: Sumner News Cow)
Jason Boyd (Courtesy: Sumner News Cow)

SOUTH HAVEN, Kansas – Police Chief Jason Boyd of South Haven is being charged with three felonies.

“I take no joy in this. But we had reason to believe a crime was committed,” says Summer County District Attorney Kerwin Spencer. “This came to our attention when a donation was made to the police department. But the money wasn’t deposited with the city. ”

Spencer says Boyd is facing charges of misuse of public funds and interference with law enforcement. Spencer says a donation of $2,650 was made through a check. The check was given to the police chief.

“An investigation showed the funds were deposited into his (Boyd) private farm account,” says Spencer.

KSN asked South Haven residents if they’d heard the news.

“Oh, this is a small town,” said resident Tom Reed. “Everybody seems to have an opinion, depends on who you ask.”

KSN is in South Haven and is asking city leaders if the only police officer on the force will keep his job.

Jason Boyd is currently suspended from the job of South Haven Police Chief.

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