Great Bend to replace old water pipes causing issues

GREAT BEND, Kansas – Old water lines in Great Bend have been causing problems like pipes bursting and rust in the water because they’re made out of cast iron.

“When you get older pipes and they will break and everything and so we have had some issues with that so and of course along 10th¬†Street it’s very dangerous to be repairing in 10th street when those lines break,” said City Administrator Howard Pardington.

The city of Great Bend is going to replace the waterlines on the two busiest streets, on 10th Street and Main Street, but instead of replacing the lines that exist in the middle of the road they’ll be moving them over to the side to make it safer for when repairs have to be made.

Bigger plastic pipes will be put in, increasing capacity and water quality.

“One of the important things is making sure we have the right valves and everything so we put new valves in when we put the water line in so it makes it better,” said Pardington.

New lines will be put in sometime next year. The city says that replacing the lines will put people out of water for a few hours but it won’t take more than a day.

The new water lines will cost $2.3 million and will be paid for through a bond issue.

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