Cat recovering after being shot by an arrow

LANSING, Michigan – Dennis Warner was moving some pumpkins in the backyard of his Michigan home when he found a cat under his deck.

“I could see the arrow,” Warner said. “It was meowing, so I knew it was in pain.”

The cat had been shot with a crossbow arrow through the chest. It could still walk when animal control arrived. The animal was taken to the Capital Area Humane Society and examined, then rushed to emergency surgery.

“We’re hopeful. We hope that he’s able to make a full recovery,” Capital Area Humane Society President and CEO Julia Willson said. “That’s certainly our intention here is to give him every chance of making a full recovery and being ok.” She said Monday evening that the cat was recovering from surgery and in critical condition.

Eaton County Animal Control is investigating what happened. If someone intentionally shot the cat, he or she could face animal cruelty charges. That’s a felony that carries a penalty up to 4 years in prison and a fine of up to $5000.

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