Udall junior high football’s 7-person team has a lot of heart

Udall Junior High Eagles football team. (KSN photo)

UDALL, Kansas – If passion for the game is any indication, the Udall football program is in great hands.

The school’s junior high squad doesn’t have enough players to field an eight man football team, but they’re still tackling every obstacle on the gridiron this year.

With opposing schools agreeing to play six on six, the Eagles have a total of seven players and make it work by limiting lineup plays on every down. While the team is yet to win a game, they’ve come extremely close. Their heart, determination, and unity show through on every snap of the ball.

“With the smaller numbers, it helps us get more as a team, because the bigger teams don’t have as much time to bond with each other,” said Eagles quarterback Trevor Whiteman.

“They work hard in practice, and things they’ve been forced to do this year, I mean, they’re playing every single play,” said head coach Brycen Byrd.  “So, its tough for them, they have to show a lot of heart week in and week out to compete and we’ve competed this year.”

Oh, and there’s one more thing about the Eagles that set them apart from other squads their size.  One of their players is a girl.  She plays defense and is one of the best players on the team.

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