S. Broadway residents forced to wait out standoff

(Photo Courtesy: Raoul Cortez)

WICHITA, Kansas – It took law enforcement about five hours to get a suspect engaged in a standoff out of a South Broadway apartment building Wednesday afternoon.

Throughout the ordeal residents and businesses in the area had no choice but to sit tight and wait.

“They said we had to stay in the buildings. That we couldn’t go outside,” said John Elliston.  He and his coworkers at AAA saw the scene unfold.

“It was crazy I mean I couldn’t believe it honestly,” he said.

Wichita police were joined by a swat team and the fire department.

Throughout the afternoon a negotiator could be heard speaking with the 32-year-old suspect over a microphone.

“We heard shots at one point.  At one point we heard five shots,” Elliston said.

Law enforcement confirmed that those shots were gas cylinders launched into the building meant to push the suspect out, but that wasn’t effective.

“It’s been crazy,” said Ray Torres, he works at Bosley Tires on the corner of Broadway and MacArthur.  Although they weren’t evacuated Torres says the commotion lasted all day.

“The whole parking lots been full of people and just cars coming through here trying to get through our parking lot trying to go North on Broadway,” he said.

The eight block perimeter served its purpose though.  No one was hurt during the tense standoff and the suspect and three others were taken into custody.

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