Local improvements lead to temporary water frustrations

HOLCOMB, Kansas – Some residents in Holcomb have experienced water issues on several occasions in the last few months.

Most recently, on Tuesday when the water was shut off to much of the town for a few hours.

City leaders credit the water outages to construction improvements in the city that have caused a few small leaks.

It’s been years since Holcomb has had any major construction, according to Gary Newman, Holcomb mayor. Because of this, a lot has shifted around and leaks are more likely to occur.

Newman also credits the amount of rain the city saw in the past several months, which has left dirt moist and has changed the pressure levels on the pipes.

While construction crews work to minimize the number of people affected when they shut the water off, it can be difficult to isolate the leaks to small areas as they continue to add and repair valves,

City workers say the issues are nothing more than routine “wear and tear” that cities go through and that the work being done now, should prevent leaks in the future.

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