Barton County delinquent tax sale sees high number of properties

GREAT BEND, Kansas- Barton County has a lot of properties that could be auctioned off in a few weeks because of delinquent taxes. It’s a slightly larger number this year than normal. 39 properties still have unpaid taxes.

“The economy plays a role in it too, Things are really slow right now, it’s just tough for people to come up with the money,” said Barton County Treasurer Kevin Wondra.

The county is working hard to get people to redeem their taxes so they wont go to auction, they have sent out several notices and are working on tracking down owners.

“But when it comes down to a deadline where they have to take care of or they’re going to lose the property a lot of times they come up with the money or they start making payments going back into February or March or something like that and by the time October rolls around they’ve got it mostly taken care of or completely taken care of,” said Wondra.

The county can lose money on these properties with delinquent taxes if they go up for auction and somebody buys them for less than what the taxes are owed on that property but the county says it’s worth it if the person who buys that property is paying property taxes in the future.

The county hopes to see a lot of those 39 properties get their taxes redeemed before the auction date.

“We’re willing to work with you, we don’t want to sell anyone’s house if at all possible. If they’re interested in keeping the property we’re going to work with them as much as we can to keep them in that,” said Wondra.

The property owners have until Friday October 9th to pay the taxes on the delinquent properties. The properties who’s taxes are still unpaid will go up for auction on October 13th.

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