Authorities release 911 calls from combine chase

Courtesy: Barton County Sheriff's office

(Click above to listen to the 911 calls on the combine chase)

ELLINWOOD, Kansas – Authorities on Monday released 911 calls from combine chase last week in Ellinwood.

Thirty-seven-year-old Kenneth Lamb allegedly led officers on a slow-speed chase in a stolen combine.

Lamb is accused of stealing the machine from a farmer’s field and driving it erratically through Ellinwood, striking power poles and a pickup truck. The ensuing pursuit ended when two officers fired 18 shots into the machine to disable it after it rammed a deputy’s patrol car outside of town.

On Friday, Lamb was charged with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer, causing damage to two police vehicles and other property, and burglary and theft of a combine.

911 Call Excerpts:

Caller: “Yes, My name is Andrew Seiker I was just coming down the cemetery road on the south side of Ellinwood and there’s a combine going down the road no lights on, just about hit me, hit the guide wire there and it arced just there by the Ellinwood sign coming into town his auger was out.”

911: “Are they westbound on East 10 Road then?”

Caller: “Yes ma’am.”

911: “Okay”

Caller: “And I don’t know if I should follow him or if I should just stay the heck away or what.”

911: “Yeah you don’t have to, I don’t want you to.”

Caller: “Okay.”

911: “Let me get some information.”

New Call:

911: “Barton County 911 what’s the address of your emergency?”

Caller: “Hi, we’re at 205 South Bismark across from my totaled friends pick-up and we were just making sure that the cops were called.”

911: “Okay, so where are you at ma’am?”

Caller: “205 South Bismark in Ellinwood.”

911: “And this just happened?”

Caller:  “Like 10, 15 minutes ago, we were just surprised nobody was here so we were just making sure they were called.”

911:  “And what did the combine do?”

Caller:  “It’s through my friends pick-up, the, the um, break thing that’s on its combine I guess, I mean it’s 30 feet long I mean.”

911: “And it went through it?”

Caller:  “It’s in his pick-up yeah.”

911:  “It’s in his pick-up. Okay, so I’m taking it his pick-up has damage to it from it.”

Caller:  “Oh yeah”

911:  “Okay”

Caller:  “It’s through the windshield actually, and it’s laying on top of the pick-up.”





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