Dash cam video shows low-speed combine chase

(Barton County Sheriff's Office image)

BARTON COUNTY, Kansas – It’s video you’ve got to see to believe. That low-speed chase involving a combine we first told you about Wednesday was caught on video from a Barton County Sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle dash camera.

As we updated the story, KSN talked to one man who had to dodge the huge implement near Ellinwood Tuesday night.

“It didn’t really hit me until afterword’s because it all happened so fast, but I was very lucky,” said Andrew Sieker.

Sieker says the close call he had with an out-of-control combine is finally sinking in.

EXTRA | Dash cam video part 1

Barton county deputies shot the video from their dash cameras as they chased the big piece of farm machinery.  That was after deputies say the driver pushed several other drivers off the road.

“I came up to a curve on the east side of Ellinwood and the combine, we met right at the curve, no lights on, I swerved to get out of the way and he swerved,” said Sieker.

As the combine makes it way into Ellinwood, viewers can see it hits a pickup truck, leaving the combine’s header stuck in the pickup truck.

The deputy continues to chase the combine – at around 10 miles an hour – until the video shows the combine ramming into an Ellinwood Police patrol car.

EXTRA | Dash cam video part 2

The pursuit continued through town until officers shot out the combine’s tires and oil pan just south of town, arresting the suspect.

Seiker was relived he was able to escape injury, but then he turned his concerns to his friend, the owner of the combine.

“He kinda laughed it off,” said Seiker.  “You know, I think at that point that’s all you can do at that point you just kinda pick up the pieces and move on.”

The combine was stolen from a cornfield which has only partially been cut, and Andrew Seiker says he’ll be back later to help his friend finish the harvest.

“That’s just what neighbors do you know, when somebody’s in trouble you help them out,” Seiker said

He’s just relieved this close call ended without serious injury.

Authorities arrested 20-year-old Kenneth Lamb on suspicion of felony theft, reckless driving, and criminal damage to property.

KSN checked, and Lamb doesn’t have a criminal record.

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