Iowa test drives driver’s license app

DES MOINES, Iowa – Your smartphone could be the key to never standing in line at the DMV again.

Iowa is paving the way to a mobile driver’s license by testing a new smartphone app that may one day replace a physical license. The app, created by the company Morphotrust, can be updated electronically, so drivers would not have to go to the DMV for simple things like a renewal or changing an address.

The change would also happen more quickly than the mailing method, which many states use.

For all it’s convenience, there is a privacy concern. The new app could open the door for hackers to get access to sensitive information and many are skeptical of officers handling their phone.

The new licenses also raise questions about fraud, but there are security measures in place. The pictures on the license move slightly. The electronic IDs can also be accessed by taking a selfie that uses facial recognition to verify drivers’ identities.

As Iowa works out bugs in the system many experts predict a mobile license may be the new norm.

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