No ‘selfies’ for WSU Track and Field

WICHITA, Kansas – If you have a smart phone you probably selfie yourself. But, what if we all skip selfies in September?

WSU track & Field coach John Wise is hoping to take the selfie obsession and turn it into a way to raise money for a good cause.

Take a selfie and you donate to the American Heart Association.

“I read it, and I kind of giggled to myself at first,” WSU track athlete Taylor Larch-Miller. “But then, I kinda like thought wow, that’s kinda crazy putting something into motion like that. And it made me think of the ALS ice bucket challenge obviously.”

Coach Wise’s No Selfie September challenge may take off like the ice bucket challenge, but it’s not national attention that he’s going after—and for some of the athletes, the #NoSelfieSeptember challenge is personal.

KSN caught up with Larch-Miller at an early Friday morning practice this week. She says her coach got the idea for all the right reasons to help out the American Heart Association.

Larch-Miller says a former teammate and mentor is going through a very tough time.

“Her dad passed away last weekend from a heart attack that was completely out of the blue,” says Larch-Miller. “Nobody was expecting it. He was very healthy, fit guy.”

Coach Wise just hopes his idea catches on, so the selfie craze can do some good by raising money and awareness.

“We need to be more educated, we need to eat healthier, we need to do thing to be more conscious of being healthy,” says Wise. “So, hopefully, this raises awareness in that area.”

But, can the selfie crazed culture of college athletes stop taking selfies? Or, will they pay up for a good cause?

Maybe both.

“Has it been a challenge?” “I was snapchatting the other day and you don’t even think about it when you’re talking to a friend over SnapChat,” said Larch-Miller. “He sent me a snapchat so I went to send him one back and my roommate was like ‘Hey, that was a selfie! And I was like, oh I gotta donate, so I got my card out and went on there and donated. You know, I don’t want to donate $100 or something because I don’t know when I’m gonna slip again. I’m doing it in increments. And hopefully I don’t go broke this month”

All for a good cause.

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