Bold burglary caught on tape shocks owners

WICHITA, Kansas – The owners of Slickwraps were hoping to do something nice for their employees, but their thoughtful gesture ended in disappointment earlier this week.  Four un-known people stole company bikes with no concern for the camera that caught it all.

Slickwraps owners Fred Sanchez and Jonathan Endicott are a pair of bosses that most would like to work for.

“Part of our reasons for moving into downtown was to give our employees opportunities to eat different places, there are just so many places to go and eat here, go to the movies for five bucks.”

To sweeten the deal they bought four bikes for company use to be taken out during lunch or a quick trip into downtown.

“I’ve never been able to work for a company like this and it’s really fun too.  The bikes were kind of a surprise because I didn’t that I could just roll around on my lunch hour,” said employee Manny Martinez.

The bikes were a hit, but when they were stolen earlier this week the small business was surprised to see the theft play out on camera.

“We saw the footage and we just saw how brazen the one guy was.  He just walked in like he owned the place,” Sanchez said.

The surveillance tape shows the gates, locks, and obvious cameras don’t phase the group.

“These guys seemed like they were professional.  It was kind of scary the way they just walked in and didn’t care,” said Sanchez.

They filed a report with Wichita police for the burglary and are keeping an eye out for their bright green and blue bikes.

Employees say the incident hasn’t caused too much of a concern for safety.

“Kind of is a onetime thing, but also I’d be probably a little more cautious if I’m out here late at night,” Martinez said.

They plan on getting new bikes if they can’t get their old ones back.

“Hopefully they’ll get caught,” Sanchez said.

In the meantime the bosses opted for a hover board scooter to boost morale.

The company says they’ve considered getting some other local businesses together to form a neighborhood watch between business owners, sharing surveillance footage and keeping an eye out for each other to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

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