WPD chief candidate Fitzgerald also finalist for Ft. Worth chief job

FT. WORTH, Texas – One of the two candidates for Wichita police chief also is a candidate for chief of police in Fort Worth, Texas.

City Manager David Cooke Wednesday named six finalists for the position of Fort Worth police chief, one of whom is Joel Fitzgerald, currently the chief of police in Allentown, Pa. and a finalist for the job of chief of police in Wichita.

The other finalist for Wichita police chief is Terri Moses, currently the head of safety services for the Wichita Public School District and a former deputy chief with the Wichita Police Department.

Wichita city councilman and vice-mayor James Clendenin says the announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, saying this is a possibility when you have the quality of candidates the city has for this position.

“I think that’s the whole point of having good candidates, if two of them decide to take jobs other places, we’re still left with a very good candidate that is extremely capable,” said Clendenin.

KSN asked Clendenin if this would speed up the process to offer either Fitzgerald or Moses the position.

Clendenin says he doesn’t believe that’ll be the case.

Also, Clendenin says if Fitzgerald were to be offered and take the job in Texas, that he doesn’t believe the search would be reopened or that other previous finalists would be brought back into the picture.

“I think we let the process play out, the city manager and the city council have come up with this process to make sure we had quality candidates, so no matter what happens at this point, we have candidates we can move forward with,” said Clendenin.

KSN has learned that Fitzgerald is expected to attend a public meeting for the Fort Worth police chief position on September 10th.

Wichita City Manager Robert Layton has said he plans to select the new chief before the end of September.

Former Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams retired about a year ago after more than 30 years with the department.

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