School districts trying to fill teacher positions for next school year

ST JOHN, Kansas- The St. John-Hudson school district is looking for a math teacher. The position has been open since October of last year. The district says they asked the math teacher to stay out of retirement for one more year to teach the class.

Josh Meyer is the superintendent of USD 350 and he says the teacher shortage and funding situation in the state is to blame. “It’s a situation where I think that we’re just not competing for the best teachers, we’re competing for maybe the only teacher,” said Meyer.

The Stafford and Sterling school districts are looking for teachers for next school year already also.

Meyer says that the school board has offered incentives to get new teachers to teach in St John, including offering a signing bonus and paying for moving expenses. Meyer says that if he can’t fill the math position by next year that administrators who are qualified to teach math will have to pick up the classes.

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