Quintero supporters deliver petition to FBI

John Paul Quintero (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas- About 20 people came to the Wichita FBI office with a petition signed by nearly 90,000 people from all over the country urging the FBI to investigate the death of John Paul Quintero.

Quintero was shot by a Wichita police officer in January after his family called 911 because he was threatening several people with a knife.

The group is adamant that the use of deadly force was unnecessary and that it should be investigated.

“Justice.  I want justice for my nephew,” said Quintero’s Aunt Carmen Quintero, “and we want the officer responsible to be held accountable.”

The petition asks for an investigation into Quintero’s death, but an investigation is actually already underway by Federal authorities.

“Just because of the circumstances around this particular case.  It was a little bit unique and warranted a further look,” said Senior FBI Agent John Sullivan.

Quintero’s supporters say they were aware an investigation had started, but thought the petition could still serve a purpose.

“We wanted to get that into the hands of the FBI so that they could see that there is a lot of support on behalf of his family from across the entire country,” said Sunflower Community Action member Djuan Wash.

But does that impact an investigation?

“I don’t know that it will affect our investigation at all because we already have one ongoing,” Sullivan said.

Quintero’s family has also filed a claim, or intention, to sue the Wichita Police Department for his death.

“Witnesses said that John Paul had his hands raised, was complying with officers that ultimately killed him,” Carmen Quintero said.

In the days immediately following the shooting officers said Quintero was not complying with police and became a threat.

When the FBI investigation is over the case will be handed over to the Department of Justice.

Until then his supporters will wait for an answer.

Neither the City of Wichita nor the Wichita police department would comment on the potential lawsuit or the FBI investigation.  The FBI couldn’t say how much longer the case may be under investigation.

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