Questions answered about new Garden City attraction

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – A new addition to Garden City has brought questions along with it.

The planned water park is going to be privately owned but, it will be staffed and managed by the Garden City Recreation Commission.

“It is to sustain itself by the income from the water park to pay staff,” said John Washington, with the Garden City Recreation Commission.

The construction is helped out by some tax incentives, but it will not be operated by taxpayer money.

“We’re not using any tax funds to actually manage the water park,” Washington said.

Recreation Commission employees will work at the private park, but leaders say the pay will be separate, like clocking in at separate jobs.

“There’s a split in the contract on how much the income remains with Garden City Recreation and then how much goes towards the business on a gross amount,” he said.

The Recreation Commission says that staffing the water park won’t be an issue because they believe there’s enough students in Garden City that will want the part time jobs.

“Some of our kids go back to college but we also have college kids who come in with those same qualifications,” said Washington. “It’s something that kids look forward to. They know that it’s enjoyable and it’s fun.”

The public-private partnership should help to keep costs down for those visiting the park, but prices haven’t been finalized yet.

“Utilizing us to do this, we’re actually keeping the costs down,” Washington said. “Believe me, you’ll appreciate that we’re involved with it because the costs will be really minimal.”

The Garden City Recreation Commission says they’re working to develop special events to add to revenue, so that everyday ticket prices can be kept low.

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