Virginia 10-year-old rescues beagle from product testing lab

SALEM (WSLS) – A fifth grader in Roanoke County rescued a dog from a product testing lab.

Eva Brown has supported the Beagle Freedom project for months. It’s a non-profit rescuing dogs from laboratory testing.

Earlier this year, the Browns applied to adopt a dog through the Beagle Freedom Project and a few weeks ago they got the call to go pick up their new pup.

eva brown“It was like ‘oh my gosh,’ we’re finally getting one and I was really excited,” explained Eva. “I wasn’t excited though to lift up her ear and see her number.”

“We like to think we’re making a little bit of a difference just by taking her in and spreading awareness,” said Angela Brown, Eva’s mom.

Below is a picture of Eva announcing their new family addition is no longer a number and her name is Cate.

If you would like to donate to the Beagle Freedom Project or find a product test list log on to

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