Kansas debate over voter ID law far from over

WICHITA, Kansas – The state’s voter ID law has been the target of protests since well before it was enacted last year. Kobach’s law is being challenged again in court by two people who say the law violates their right to vote.

“I think what we will see is this will be litigated in appellate courts and it will take a long time for even a single victory to result in a significant  change in the law,” said KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman.

Next week, Kobach is expected to purge more than 34,000 would-be voters throwing out their registration forms because they have not provided their proof of citizenship within 90 days.

“These efforts will reduce the number of people who can go vote, and when you shrink that window down that they have to prove their citizenship that makes it more likely that will have to start the process again and again, and at some point, that becomes so burdensome that they just abandon the process altogether,” Jarman said.

Kobach and presidential-hopeful Hillary Clinton debated the issue over social media recently

“I’m not surprised that the presidential candidates would get involved in this issue because it involves minorities and voting which are going to be key issues in the presidential election coming up,” Jarman said.


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