Man swings dog at police

PARK CITY, Kansas – A Park City man is facing a charge of animal cruelty after police say he tried to use a dog as a weapon.

On Sunday night, an officer stopped the suspect after calls that a suspicious person had been seen in the area. The officer found 26-year-old Michael Rush walking a dog through people’s backyards.

After trying to talk to him, the officer says Rush allegedly swung the dog on a leash at him.

“I’ve seen people try to use a dog and sick it on someone as a weapon, but I’ve never seen someone pick up a dog and swing it through the air to use it as a weapon before, that’s a first,” said Chief Phil Bostain, Park City Police Department.

Officers eventually tased Rush, who is now facing several charges. Witnesses were impressed by the officers.

“The way they handled it really surprised me.  I was real proud of what they did there.”

The dog was not hurt and is now in protective custody.

“Everyone sees this little dog that’s defenseless.  This dog’s not here by its own choice, and it’s used as a weapon.  It’s disturbing,” said Bostain.


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