Phoenix police rescue puppy trapped in pipe after 10 hours

In this photo provided by the Arizona Humane Society, a puppy that was trapped in a pipe is tended to Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015 in Phoenix. Police serving a search warrant at a west Phoenix home found the puppy and ended up being part of a 10-hour rescue effort. (AP Photo/Arizona Humane Society via AP).

PHOENIX (AP) — Police serving a drug-related search warrant at a Phoenix home found themselves part of a 10-hour rescue effort to free a puppy trapped in a sewage pipe.

Authorities say officers went to the home Thursday morning and found a very young puppy alive but stuck in an open pipe that went under the home. They also found adult female dog and two dead puppies, all believed to be strays.

Authorities say a plumbing company’s camera pinpointed the pup’s location, and rescuers pulled out the shaking animal around 10:30 p.m.

Arizona Humane Society officials monitored the dog during the entire rescue and estimated the puppy, a pit bull terrier mix, was between 1 and 2 weeks old.

The puppy is receiving medical care at a local animal hospital.

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