Hoisington school district working for emergency state aid

(KSN photo / Molly Hadfield)

HOISINGTON, Kansas- The Hoisington school district is working hard on defending their case to the state. On Wednesday night Superintendent Bill Lowry found out from the state that he had to write a statement demonstrating how he has made his school district more efficient.

Lowry says, “I think number one they want us to prove that we are working as hard as we can to be as efficient as we can but yet our ultimate goal is to help students and their learning.”

Lowry said that since he took over the Hoisington school district eight years ago he’s been working to make it as efficient as possible. The district has done energy audits, switched it’s food service, has one to one ipads in the schools, and has a walking school bus program.

All these programs have cut costs for the school, but with a 21% decrease in assessed valuation and a five percent increase in enrollment funds are tight. Lowry says that he wants to make sure he’s students are getting the best education, “I don’t think it’s fair to my students that they would receive a disadvantage because of this situation, I mean we need to give our students the best education we can.”

Cases will be reviewed by the state on Monday for the emergency state aid funding.

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